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Smith Marine a maritime casualty company specializing in marine casualties. PMW services are tailored to provided assistance to marine insurance claims, Financial Institutions, Attorneys, Marinas, and Municipalities, PMW has service locations that are conveniently located with in most boating locations around the country call us for are locations. PMW can provide salvage and recovery service in both British Columbia and Baja Mexico.


Smith Marine services and programs were designed for when there is a marine casualty involving pleasure and commercial boats/yachts. Smith Marine professionals are ready to assist you with Surveys, Salvage, Liquidation, Storage, Wreck Disposals, Valuation Inspections and Reports.


Through our weekly boat and yacht auction, we liquidate this marine inventory using a sealed bid system, (see Bidding for more details). Our auction is open to the public and we welcome retail buyers, as well as dealers. Guests are welcome to visit one of our storage facilities to view the available boats and yachts.


Through the dedication of our team members Smith Marine will continue to expand and redefine the services we offer in order to provide you with the best possible service.



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